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Let’s answer your most common questions.

Q. How much does community kindergarten cost?

Our Kindergarten aims to be accessible to as many people in the community as possible and fees are kept as low as practicable.

A deposit of $200.00 is payable upon enrolment. This deposit secures your child’s position for the year and is made up of:

  • $50.00 enrolment fee
  • $40.00 admin fee
  • $10.00 membership fee
  • $100.00 community volunteer levy. This amount is refunded in term four, when your family has completed their 4 hour commitment to either our mowing roster or working bee. Your help around the kindergarten​ keeps our fees lower
  • An optional, additional working bee non-participation levy of $50 applies for families who choose not to attend

Daily fees in 2022 are: $36

Our Handbook contains more information

Q. What financial assistance is available, such as child care benefit?

Funding and subsidies are subject to change, current government assistance includes:
Kindy Support Subsidy, this reduces the cost to families whose parent/carer/guardian holds:

  • a current Australian Government Health Care Card
  • Pension Card
  • Veterans Affairs Card OR
  • identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander OR
  • a multiple birth family of 3 or more kindy age children.
  • Please provide proof of the above upon on enrolment of your child.

Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme and SEIFA Subsidy

Funding for Kindergarten aged children is received from the Department of Education via our Central Governing Body – Gowrie Queensland.

Nambour was recognised under the Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) as an area 3, meaning the kindergarten may receive an additional funding amount to offset against family fees and reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

This funding is dependent upon the number of kindergarten aged children enrolled at the kindergarten and is paid to the kindergarten at the end of the term and passed on to families in the following term’s fee invoice.

Q. How can I pay fees?

Fees can be paid by cash or internet transfer. You can pay the whole year’s fees upfront or by four equal term payments. To assist families, payments can also be made by twelve (12) equal monthly amounts as well with a $2 a month administration charge added to your invoice.

Families can arrange fortnightly payment plans with the bookkeeper upon enrolment. Monthly and fortnightly payment plans must be paid at the start of the fortnight/month (in advance).

Q. What happens when I join the waiting list?

You will receive invitations to our quarterly open days to meet our Educators and find our more about Kindergarten.

In July, the year prior to your child attending the kindergarten, an email with expressions of interest will be sent to your family to confirm you are still interested in sending your child to the kindergarten the following year. Then in September, a letter of offer will be sent to the email address you gave us on your waiting list form. It is important if any of your contact details change that you inform us immediately, either by email or phone so we can update our records. The enrolment process will take place from there.

Q. What if my circumstances change and my child can no longer attend?

The enrolment policy of the kindergarten is that you are required to give 2 weeks’ notice in writing. This can be in the form of a written letter or email.

You may choose to keep your child’s name on the waiting list for future placement that may crop up during the year. There is no obligation.

Q. What happens when I accept an enrolment place?

Staff will contact you via letter about the enrolment process that will take place in September. We will coordinate a time for visiting the centre to pay your enrolment deposit and collect the enrolment paperwork. Your child will be invited to attend a “Play date” visit in November with a parent to become familiar with the kindy environment and staff.

There will be a parent information night where parents will have the chance to meet and staff will go through the educational program and explain the daily routine. A whole group “Play Morning” will be held in the last week of the school holidays for all the children to meet and re-familiarise themselves with the centre before starting first term in January.

Q. What is a Gowrie Kindergarten?

In 2010 it was announced that 5 Central Governing Bodies (CGB) would be responsible for the distribution of Government Funding for Kindergartens. In the past funding was only available through C&K. After careful consideration and much research, the committee of 2010 felt that Gowrie Queensland Inc. best fit our community and Kindergartens’ philosophy.

For more information about who Gowrie Inc. are please read the attached letter from Louise Jackson the CEO or visit their website:

Q. What transition programs are available for my child to become familiar with the Kindergarten prior to starting?

In an effort to getting to know your family and helping your child to be familiar with the kindergarten environment, we hold three open days a year on the last Wednesday before the school holidays in Easter, June/July and September holidays (pending COVID restrictions).

Families will be emailed a flyer prior to the event and it is advertised on our facebook page – another way for you to keep up to date with things that happen in our Kindergarten Community.


Q. What will my child learn?

In 2011 the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Framework was released and is based on the National Curriculum document “The Early Years Framework”. The staff at Nambour Kindergarten use the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Framework as the basis for Educational Decision making. It is a document that recognises parents as partners in educating your child. Your child will have their own individual “Learning Journey Portfolio” that will have learning stories, work samples, parent partnership contribution pages and in general is a great document that shows your child’s learning.

A transition statement will be developed in consultation with yourselves and your child and written by your child’s Kindergarten staff to be passed on to your child’s school and Prep teacher so that they have a rich and intricate background to build their Prep Learning in the following year.

Q. What is a parent committee?

One of the fantastic and unique things about Community Kindergarten’s is that they are run by a volunteer group of parents. This ensures that the future of the kindergarten reflects the future needs of the Nambour Community. These dedicated and amazing parents meet once a month to discuss the management of the centre and make the financial decisions.

Our administration officer, assists the committee and the staff in the management of the service. If you would like to be a part of the committee, let staff know or attend the AGM in February.

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